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Sunday 20/09/2015 All day

“Dunk your biscuits and see whose disintegrates first.”

Come and ‘Be Splendid’ in the Steampunk Zone – with a selection of games played at Steampunk events across the globe! This will be a non-stop firework of fun, whether you are dressed in your Steampunk finery, or something a little different: all are welcome in The Steampunk Zone! There shall also be talks; book readings, and exhibitions of Steampunk sculpture from Herr DöktorHenna painting from Emma Moreton, and all manner of splendidly 
silly Steampunk games hosted by Ben Henderson (organiser of The Surrey Steampunk 
Convivial.) throughout the Sunday.
What is Steampunk? Good question! It’s loosely centered around Victorian-based
Science Fiction: and is a movement that spans art, literature, fashion, and a host
of the creative arts – but to find out what the heart of it is, come and join some
splendidly dressed people being very silly and having an awful lot of fun!
10:00 Splendid Teapot Racing
10:30 Ostrich racing
11:00 Tea duelling
11:30 Bumbershoot Baritsu
12:00 Battle Croquet
12:30 Mr. Callow – storytelling
01:00 Chain Mail talk + workshop
01:30 Mrs. Harper – book reading
02:00 Fling-a-Familiar
02:30 Ostrich racing
03:00 GENIUS WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT: Steampunk Judges: Tallest Hatstack
03:30 Battle Croquet
04:00 Bumbershoot Baritsu
04:30 Tea duelling