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Some of the best costume creatives in the world are coming to The Costume Games! Oscar winning Costume Designer Lindy Hemming, Costume FX Supervisor Graham Churchyard, Costume prop designer, maker and stylist Vin Burnham, and the original ‘batsuit wrangler’ Day Murch will be giving talks, running workshops and giving advice on your costume on Saturday 19th September at the Costume Clinic.

Our full line up:

Lindy Hemming – Costume Designer, Graham Churchyard – Costume FX Supervisor, Vin Burnham – Costume Designer, maker and stylist, Day Murch – Costume FX fabricator and technician, Sally Preisig – Costume Prop maker, Adelaide Filippe – Make-up FX and Costume Prop Maker, Joe Knapper – Armourer and Leather worker from FBFX, Tonee Roberto – Make-up artist and educator at Illamasqua, Grant Pearmain – Head of FBFX, Jonathan Hancock – Head of Digital at FBFX, Jamie Wilkinson- Head of props on many major motion pictures.

Our Costume Clinic will be introduced by Vin Burnham and Day Murch at 11.30 am. With a VIP pass you will have the opportunity to book an exclusive slot with 9 others where you can ask questions and collaborate with some of the best costume prop makers in the world. Joining them will be a team of industry makers to help get you started on making a truly professional costume. Bring a project you’re already working on or an idea you’ve dreamt of making a reality.