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We want you to "dress up and play" at the world's first Costume Games! For a full five days, the Old Steine Pleasure Gardens will be turned into the "Costume Gardens" where people will be able to "get into character," be creative and have fun - all with the help of the costume designers who have between them created some of the most enduring and iconic characters in film history. Oscar winning Lindy Hemming, Graham Churchyard and the team behind Christopher Nolan's Batman films will join local costume charity Gladrags to help you create your costume, turning the whole city of Brighton into a veritable stage: watch out for the "flash mobs" who will be appearing around town as part of the Costume Carnival at the weekend.

If you would like to perform, exhibit, or take part in The Costume Games, please get in touch with us!

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20 September
10:00 to 19:00

Sing-along-a-Sunday with the Costume Games